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Aug. 23rd, 2009


1. The Christmas Song - The Raveonettes
2. Last Christmas - Jimmy Eat World
3. Just Like Christmas - Low
4. Merry Xmas Everybody - Rooney
5. Rock of Ages - Ben Kweller
6. Christmas With You is the Best - The Long Winters
7. Christmas is Going to the Dogs - Eels
8. Christmas - Leona Naess
9. Maybe This Christmas - Ron Sexsmith

((continued from here))

I'm, I'm definitely more confident about the art now. Just not the some of the other stuff. Like, I just need to maybe get better at pitching woo. And getting a good night's rest. And not going into business with certain people I know who just make things complicated. See, look at that! Maturity and life lessons, coming together to make a more well-rounded person. I love it when that happens.

Camp's like the best vacation ever, that happens to also be a b-movie prison. It's like, if I was in a coma, this is what I'd what to imagine until I came back into consciousness. Instead of going to Oz, I'd wanna come here. I'm totally afraid of freaking out people by recognizing them and having a nerdy fan-spaz. Seriously. I've pretty much mastered the art of controlling the crazy.

Huh. Well, I'm from Newport beach and instead of doing stereotypical teenage things, I read comics and watched comic movies. So let your education of Comics And The Franchise That Will One Day Take Over Hollywood begin. I'm almost 100% sure we can find some movies somewhere to watch sometime.
CHRISMUKKAH PRESENTS! Of which there will be a lot. Maybe. (lol eight days of presents and then one big day of many presents, that's like, A LOT of presents.)

HERE'S A LIST OF PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKELY TO GET PRESENTS FROM SETH. Gifts will be filled in as I think of stuff. This might take a while. S-So many presents.

If you wanna play out your character getting a gift, let me know! Or if you think Seth would get you presents and I forgot, KICK ME.

  • a vague t-shirt
  • Essential Foreign Swear Words (a book)
  • Make-A-Wish necklace
  • a mix cd (with songs from Her Space Holiday, Ben Folds, The Brunettes, Of Montreal, Joy Drop, etc)
  • cupcake truffles

  • a box of dark chocolate truffles
  • a mix cd (with songs from Radiohead, Rogue Wave, The Killers, Blitzen Trapper, Mates of States, etc)

  • a rugby hoodie scarf (black/grey)
  • a mix cd (with songs from Rogue Wave, Mates of States, The Shins, Of Montreal, Belle and Sebastian, etc)
  • cupcake truffles

  • a box of Pin-Up Girl chocolate bars

    Regina lol:
  • Hot Chicks With Douchebags (a book)
  • Death Cab for Cutie's Plans
  • cupcake truffles

    There are a lot of people who'll receive a small Cohen Chrismukkah gift-thing (Ty Lee, Rue, Booster, Harry, Ned, Chuck, AM I FORGETTING SOMEONE? I think I might be...);
  • a mix cd! (with songs from Jeff Buckley, Doves, Sufjan Stevens, The Album Leaf, Spoon, etc)
  • a book!
  • delicious hot cocoa
  • personalized card! with a doodle or mini-comic from Seth!
  • Dear Secret Santa,

    I have been most awesome and not terrible this year.

    ALSO I am exhausted and fat from delicious foodstuff and many kinds of pie and dead tired but I'm going to post this now regardless.

    MY FIRST CFUD SECRET SANTA FUN TIME; All you need to know is that I am incredibly easy and will love any and everything. Fics/art/music mixes/icons/whatever, it's all good.

    What else what else. THINGS I ENJOY: anything with Seth Cohen ever. Camp shenanigans are also A+. I like hilarious retarded aus. Um um Other fandoms include: Pushing Daisies, HIMYM, Arrested Development, Heroes, Avatar. Project Runway too? And I love me some Disney (hsm hsm hsm!). AND COMICS let's not forget that; so many comics ahahaha but uh Wally West is my baby and I love him, if you wanted something hella hella specific. I pretty much LOVE EVERYTHING and I ship almost everything, especially if it's painfully terrible or just super random.

    Comments are screened if you have questions or wanna talk pairings or what have you. NO PRESSURE OKAY ILU ♥
    I made a tiny Seth Cohen homg he's so cute.